Memphis Flyer | Blast Off: NASA Photo Exhibit at Edge Alley 

Ryan Adams loves to hear what people say when they view his NASA photographs, which range from images of the moon's surface to a rare color photo of Mars.

It's just hearing the stories they have if they were living during that time," says Adams, 34. "Someone came in the other day, his father had taken him to go see the launch for Apollo 11. He said, 'We were four miles away, and I could feel the concussion of the rocket in my chest…


Commercial Appeal | Moon landing: Events around Memphis celebrate 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

On July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon. Fifty years later, the Apollo 11 mission remains one of the United States' most significant scientific achievements.

A photography exhibit titled "Edge of Space: Apollo XI, Orbiter, Viking I" showcases vintage photographs from historic missions and achievements.


News Channel 3 | WREG: Live at 9

Marybeth Conley & Todd Demers: Space History at Edge Alley

The 50th anniversary of the mission that landed Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong on the moon is about a month away. But now you can get your own view of some of the most historic space expeditions. The Edge of Space exhibit at Edge Alley will feature some photographs from missions like Apollo Eleven, Orbiter, and Viking One…

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WKNO 91.1 | NPR For the Mid-South: Checking on the Arts

Kacky Walton: Shift+Gallery Upcoming Photography Exhibit on Apollo XI, Orbiter, and Viking I

After a decade of collecting photos, Ryan Adams has organized the Shift+Gallery’s first-ever exhibit, “Edge of Space: Apollo XI, Orbiter, and Viking I”. The exhibit, which is located inside Edge Alley…


Official Press Release | Edge of Space: Apollo XI, Orbiter, and Viking I

The curated selection of photographs include the first detailed images of the lunar surface, humanity’s first steps on the moon, and the first color photograph of another planet’s surface from Viking I’s 1976 mission to Mars. These photographs are the result of humanity's most daring endeavor…